We're on a Mission

To cultivate a world where everyone can become a confident and successful reader.

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The Problem

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68% Literacy Fail Rate

68% of American 4th graders are failing in reading. Literacy rates in the US and Canada are declining each year. Recent school closures have only made the problem worse.

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Lack of Resources

Parents are frustrated trying to meet the demands of parenthood each day. They're looking for simple and effective tools to help their child succeed.

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Children have become less motivated to read for fun. There are many things competing for their attention. Our educational tools need to meet them where they're at in an engaging and fun way.

Introducing QuestRead

An Adventure to Reading Mastery

QuestRead is a research-based reading game designed to increase motivation and achievement for elementary-aged children. Our AI-powered system adapts to your child’s needs, personalizes book content, and provides a fun, competitive environment that makes them want to keep reading.

QuestRead turns the chore of home reading practice into a fun adventure.

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Our Story

Several years ago, I worked as a private tutor for a boy with dyslexia. He was reading at a first grade level, but was in 5th grade. His school assumed that he couldn't learn to read, so they put him in the back of the classroom and let him listen to books. His parents disagreed and pulled him out to work with me in the mornings instead.

I experimented with various techniques and content, and eventually discovered that he made progress when I let him read books about the topics he was interested in, when he read out loud to me, and when I rewarded him for reaching certain reading milestones. Within 3 months, he was reading on grade level. And most importantly, he was confident in his ability to read and motivated to read on his own.

This experience shaped how I viewed reading instruction, and I combined these learnings with the research I was learning in graduate school. I began to use technology with my students and discovered its' power to motivate and engage children in the learning experience.

In 2019, I decided that I wanted to use what I was learning to build a reading app to motivate children to read, so I left the classroom and went to go work in tech to learn the necessary skills.

Fast forward to 2023, and we founded Quest Learning Technologies at the beginning of the year and launched QuestRead Beta for iOS in October.

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Meet our Team

One thing we all have in common: we're passionate about using a creative and engaging approach to improving literacy outcomes for people everywhere.


Thanks to the organizations partnering with us on our journey.

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