An Adventure to Reading Mastery
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QuestRead is a mobile reading game designed to increase motivation and achievement for elementary-aged children.

It adapts to your child’s needs, shares detailed reading insights with you, and provides a fun, competitive environment that makes them want to keep reading.

On QuestRead, you read books to earn real-world prizes and game rewards. Turn the chore of reading practice into a fun adventure.

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For Kids First

Every aspect of QuestRead is built for kids-first.

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Motivates Reading

Say goodbye to boring reading exercises. With QuestRead, reading practice turns into an enjoyable game, increasing engagement and making the learning experience fun.

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Boosts Reading Achievement

Our research-based approach, implemented by our AI-powered system guides readers as they progress through the game -continually building new skills to boost achievement.

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Builds Confidence

As children play the game, not only do their reading abilities improve, but they gain confidence in themselves, fostering a positive attitude towards learning and self-improvement.

For Parents Too

Parents -we're here to support your success.

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Saves You Time

You can rest assured knowing your child is gaining essential reading skills while enjoying a fun journey into the world of books. It's designed so that kids can use it on their own. Our adaptive learning system ensures they're on track.

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Provides Insightful Reports

Check-in anytime and see your child's reading progress. These insights mimic the feedback you'd receive from a specialized reading tutor, providing information to help them succeed.

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Fosters a Love of Reading

We suggest books based on your child's unique interests. This allows them to read books they enjoy and develops a positive connection to reading.

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Insightful Reports

We provide regular, insightful reports that can help you, a tutor or teacher assist your child's reading development.

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Created by a Reading Specialist

Our reports are based on our adaptive learning system and written by a reading specialist to ensure quality and accuracy.

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The more your child reads, the more insight we have into where they're at, and what they need to work on. Our reports provide unique suggestions to help your reader.


Our reports provide strategies for improving your child's reading and simple ways that you can help.

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