Introducing QuestRead

Why we started building QuestRead.

Introducing QuestRead

As an elementary reading teacher, I’ve worked with hundreds of children over the years.

Time, Motivation and Support

There’s a lot that I can do to help them, but one of the biggest difference-makers in their success is whether or not they spend time practicing reading at home on a regular basis. And this is largely dependent on their parents.

It’s recommended that every child in elementary school reads at home for a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

However, even the most motivated young reader needs help accessing interesting books for them that are not too hard or too easy for them to read. They may also need someone to remind them and keep them accountable for building this reading habit.  If they dislike reading, they’ll need additional help to make the experience fun and rewarding. And if they are a struggling reader, they will need a dedicated, patient, and experienced reader to help them succeed.

Unfortunately, many children don’t have this level of support at home. Some parents are exhausted by the burdens of their everyday lives, and lack the time and energy that it takes to provide this support for their child. Some parents don’t feel qualified to meet the reading demands of their children, due to their own lack of reading fluency or education. And there are other children who don’t have a loving, engaged parent in their life who is willing to provide this support.

This creates an inequality in our system that needs to be addressed. All children have the right to read, and if daily reading practice is the key to unlocking their success, then we need to create a solution that minimizes friction for children and doesn’t solely rely on a parent's constant supervision!

Why QuestRead?

That’s why I left the classroom and started building QuestRead with my team. Our mission is to cultivate a world where every person is a confident, successful reader. We believe that reading is a foundational life skill that every person has the right to learn.

So, how do we take the burden of daily reading practice off of a parent?

  • We use devices that children are already using regularly to increase the time they spend reading on a daily basis.
  • We motivate children through an engaging reading game where they read interesting books and compete against their peers. 
  • And as they read out loud, we use AI to personalize their reading practice, suggesting books to them that best suit their unique interests and needs. 

All children deserve the opportunity to become confident, successful readers.

We're launching QuestRead on the iOS platform in October, 2023. Stay tuned for more!